What We Do


What The H&J Team Do

We litigate purchased claims ourselves bearing the expense and risk and leaving assignors free of the hassle and drain on resources associated with litigation.

We usually structure assignments so that we share the proceeds of the claim with the assignor – therefore our interests are aligned throughout the litigation.

We all want to get the best result, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our introduction to the litigation will help to achieve that.

We aim to look at cases from a different perspective and our innovative assignment model allows us to say 'yes' to cases deemed to pose a higher risk that other funders/purchasers may turn down.


Our experienced team will devise a strategy for the claim designed to achieve a successful outcome in the most efficient way

What we do

Who We Work With

We work with a range of companies, individuals, insolvency practitioners, and creditors to maximise recoveries from legal claims without them incurring the risk and costs involved with litigation.

Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvent Companies / Individuals

Insolvency Practitioners rely on us to help them maximise recoveries from litigation and arbitration claims held by insolvent companies.  

H&J combines litigation, insolvency and investigatory expertise to robustly and efficiently pursue litigation.

Our goals:

  • Create innovative solutions for IPs and creditors.
  • Help to achieve the proper aims of insolvency.
  • Pursue those who have abused the insolvency process.

Solvent Companies / Individuals

Solvent companies may not want to invest the significant time and cost involved in pursuing litigation and arbitration claims.

Litigation can be an unwanted distraction from the company’s primary business and place a burden on management.

Our goals:

  • Provide a cost and risk-free solution.
  • Achieve a return on claims without the hassle and drain on resources.
  • Protect the company’s reputation by treating everyone properly (including defendants).
Solvent Companies / Individuals
Insolvency Practitioners

Insurance Policyholders

Insurers often try to resist paying out on meritorious claims, yet policy holders may not want the hassle of pursuing claims that have been refused.

By taking an assignment we can step into the shoes of the insured and pursue the claim on their behalf.

Our goals:

  • Obtain a return for insureds whose claims have been unfairly denied.
  • Bear the costs and risks associated with pursuing the insurer.
  • Utilise our experience and expertise to achieve a fair outcome.

Executors and Administrators of Probate Estates

Executors and Administrators face a difficult job at an emotionally sensitive time. Pursuing litigation claims that were held by the deceased may be unattractive.

We can help to unlock the value in such claims.

Our goals:

  • Help to maximise the return to beneficiaries of the estate.
  • Reduce unwanted hassle and stress at a difficult time.
  • Provide creative and risk-free solutions for Executors and Administrators.
Insolvency Practitioners

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