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Litigation Funding

H&J provides litigation funding for meritorious claims that claimants are unable or unwilling to fund themselves.

Many mainstream litigation funders will only consider funding claims above a certain value - or with a high minimum funding requirement.  It can therefore sometimes be difficult to find funding for lower value claims or relatively straightforward situations requiring a lower amount of funding.  H&J recognises that gap in the market and aims to fill it.  We specialise in funding claims with a value of up to £20m with lower funding requirements - in particular where funding of discrete items is required such as funding of disbursements and/or the payment of ATE premiums.

What we do

Litigation Funding Case Examples

Set out below are two examples of cases where funding provided by H&J led to a successful outcome:

Insolvency Practitioners

Tax Avoidance Claim

H&J was approached by the solicitors acting for an officeholders of an insolvent company looking for funding for a litigation claim against the company’s former directors.  The former directors had caused the Company to enter into an employee benefit trust.  That trust was ultimately determined by HMRC to be a tax avoidance vehicle and the Company issued with demands for the repayment of tax due as well as penalties.

Both solicitors and counsel had agreed to act for the Company on a fully contingent basis.  However, funds were required to meet the cost of an ATE policy as well as certain other disbursements.  H&J provided £250,000 in funding to meet these costs.  The claim was settled shortly before trial.


Breach Of Contract Claim

H&J was approached by trustees acting for a private individual in respect of a multi-million pound dispute where the individual's contractual partners had failed to comply with their contractual obligations in respect of a joint venture project.  The individual required £60,000 of funding to purchase an ATE policy.  This investment enabled the individual to proceed with the claim which was settled at mediation shortly after disclosure had been completed.

Solvent Companies / Individuals

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