Our Approach


Litigation Assignment

We become the named claimant and work with expert solicitors and barristers to litigate purchased claims - bearing the expense and risk and leaving assignors free of the hassle and drain on resources associated with litigation.

We usually structure assignments so that we share the proceeds of the claim with the assignor – therefore our interests are aligned throughout the litigation.

We all want to get the best result, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our introduction to the litigation will help to achieve that.

We aim to look at cases from a different perspective and our innovative assignment model allows us to say 'yes' to cases deemed to pose a higher risk that other funders/purchasers may turn down.


The H&J Process

We assess claims for free and assignors are under no obligation to accept any offer we make

You can contact us in one of three ways:  (a) Use the 'submit a case enquiry' form at the bottom of this page;  (b) Send us an email at team@hendersonandjones.com ; or (c) Call or email your H&J contact. We will aim to respond within 24 to 48 hours and invite you to provide us with further information.
Stage 1:
Get In Touch

In order to assess your claim we need you to send us the key documents / pieces of information that will help us to understand your claim.  We will enter into an NDA to protect the confidentiality of any information submitted to us.

We do not have a set form - nor do you necessarily need to create anything specifically for us.  You know the claim best and so will know what the key documents are that will help us to understand and assess the claim.  We don’t need all of your documents or even a large volume of documents (this will only slow down our review) - but the key documents that succinctly explain what the claim is about, any pre-action correspondence with the defendants, any contractual documents that may be the subject of the dispute, any advice you have already obtained from solicitors / barristers; and/or, any draft or filed pleadings (if you have got this far).

Stage 2:
Send Us Key Documents
Stage 3:
Initial Assessment Of Claims

H&J’s expert team of in-house litigators will conduct a (free) assessment of claims submitted to us.  We will aim to conduct an initial assessment within seven days - and to revert to you after that time with our decision or, if we are not yet in a position to make a decision, any questions, requests for further documentation or suggestions for further investigatory work.

Stage 4:
Decision On Assignment

Once we have completed our assessment we will confirm whether this is a case that we would be interested in purchasing.  If we are interested in purchasing the claim we will liaise with you to understand your key drivers and any concerns you may have.

Stage 5:
Structuring The Assignment

If we are interested in purchasing the claim we will liaise with you to understand your key drivers so that we can best structure the assignment in a way that works best for you.  We typically prefer to structure assignments so that the assignor retains an interest in the proceeds of any successful outcome.  

However, some companies / individuals prefer an immediate upfront payment (for example, to meet legal fees already incurred) - in which case this can be factored into the structure.  We will draft the necessary legal documentation and bear the costs of the assignment.

Stage 6:
Conducting The Claim

Our experienced team of litigators will devise a strategy for the claim designed to achieve a successful outcome in the most efficient way.  We approach cases from a commercial perspective and so will always be interested in resolving claims via settlement where possible as protracted litigation generally benefits no-one.  

However, as assignees our interests in maximising recoveries are aligned with assignors –  therefore if we consider there is value in continuing to pursue claims at proportionate cost then we will always pursue a claim further.

If Defendants are unwilling to enter into a reasonable settlement then we will go to trial.

Working with H&J

The Benefits Of Working With Us

Risk Free

We incur all costs associated with the proceedings – court fees, solicitors, barrister and experts fees.  We also assume all risks – including in respect of any adverse costs awards.

An Investment In Excellence

Our team is comprised of expert litigators with first-rate training and years of experience.  We work with our external advisors to develop sophisticated and creative strategies to drive cases to a successful outcome.

Cost Effective

We keep costs down by using our knowledge and experience to ensure cases are run efficiently - and by leveraging our relationships with solicitors and barristers to secure engagements on excellent terms.

Submit A Case Enquiry

If you have a case you'd like us to review please send us details using this form.  However, other than your contact details, the fields are not mandatory and merely indicative of the information that may help us to process your claim quicker. If you'd prefer, please feel free to drop us an email at:

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