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May 18, 2021
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Football Index - UPDATE

H&J Director Services 1 Limited has been appointed by the Court to represent those customers of BetIndex Limited t/a Football Index with an interest in arguing that the “Relevant Date” (in relation to the distribution of certain monies held on trust for customers) should be a date after 26 March 2021.

This matter has been listed for a one day hearing on Friday 21 May 2021.  While we are still working with counsel to formulate our position (and the arguments in support of that position), our current intention is to propose at least two potential ‘Relevant Dates’, being (in no particular order of priority):

1. the date on which all live bets will have expired (i.e. following the end of their three year period); and

2. the date on which payment is actually made by the Administrators pursuant to their statutory powers (which must necessarily now fall on a date after the hearing on 21 May 2021).

We intend to present the Court with the relevant legal arguments in support of each of these dates on an equal footing - i.e. we do not intend to argue for them in any order of preference but rather place the arguments before the Court to assist it to come to the correct conclusion.  

Any customer (with an interest in arguing that the “Relevant Date” should be a date after 26 March 2021) who wishes to bring arguments to our attention in favour of an alternative date to those presented above can contact us on: but given the number of customers and limited time available, we cannot commit to engaging with customers on an individual basis.

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John Doyle Construction v Erith Contractors

The Court of Appeal today handed down judgment in John Doyle Construction v Erith Contractors regarding the enforcement of adjudication decisions by insolvent companies.  The Court of Appeal seems to disagree with the Supreme Court's decision in Bresco v Lonsdale and its decision will create significant uncertainty for insolvent claimants in the construction industry. Please see below some of our thoughts on the judgment.
Oct 7, 2021
Philip Henderson
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What to do when trusts are untrustworthy

Henderson & Jones has recently used an innovative assignment model to take control of a number of significant property assets for the benefit of bankruptcy estates. The property interests have now been secured and hundreds of thousands of pounds are due to be returned to the bankruptcy estates. See below for a brief explanation of how this was acheived.
Jul 8, 2021
Gwilym Jones
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Football Index - Judgment

Judgment has today been handed down in Re BetIndex Limited regarding the distribution to customers of funds held in a trust by BetIndex Limited t/a Football Index. Please see our summary of the key findings and a link to the full judgment.
Jun 8, 2021
Philip Henderson